Steak and Wine Pairings

We are all knowledgeable of the simple rule that Cabernet Sauvignon is the only wine that goes well with red meat, but sometimes it is okay to go against the grain. At Chris’s Steakhouse we offer a plethora of different wines for your taste, here are just a few pairings with our amazing hand-cut steaks.


Ribeye | Cabernet Sauvignon Try one of our Cabernet wines from our long list for a full body taste with our heavily marbled ribeye steaks.

New York Strip | Merlot With its soft tannins, this wine will allow the rich, juicy, and unforgettable taste from our New York Strip to shine.

Filet Mignon | Pinot Noir Since the cut of our filet mignon contains less fat, the taste of this wine’s fruity notes along with its subdued spices will blend perfectly with the flavors of our hand-cut meat.

Prime Rib | Shiraz/Syrah Order a glass of this wine along with our prime rib, for the fruity blueberry taste is a great combination for the bold taste that our prime rib has to offer.

T-Bone | Spanish Rioja This type of wine pairs well any of our meats but it fits perfectly with our T-Bone. For the wine’s vanilla and spice taste brings out the flavor of our well-seasoned and spiced steak.

Top Sirloin | Zinfandel With its spicy notes, not only can this wine blend perfectly with the sirloin strong flavors but it can also complement the strong seasonings that is added to the meat.

These are just a few pairings with our amazing hand-cut steaks but please do not get too worked up on what is the perfect pairing. Eat what you like; drink what you like, as long as what you like is Chris’s Steakhouse!