Steaks and Seafood: The Perfect Pair

At Chris’s Steak & Seafood House you are sure to receive not only quality service, but quality meat. Our beef is graded by the Certified Angus Beef brand and USDA choice, aged 4-6 weeks and hand cut in house to provide the highest in quality and flavor in your steak. But what happens when you want to take it a step further? Well, that’s where seafood comes in.

If you’re just looking to add a little extra something to your dish, pair it with these few options and see your taste buds agree.

Broiled Scallops- Although its texture is compared to shrimp and lobster, its taste is like no other. Once seared in garlic butter, the sweet and tangy spices mellow together, making a well-balanced flavor. Because it is broiled, the texture is much more tender, making it easier to chew. (Great Comparisons: NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib).

Lobster Tail- Cooked to perfection and once cracked open, your taste buds would be delighted. Its garlic and salt taste is an amazing duo and once hit with lemon it make it a triple threat. (Great Comparisons: Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, T-Bone)

Broiled Shrimp- Tossed in spices and brushed with butter, with its soft texture, it holds a ton of flavor after every bite. (Great Comparisons: NY Strip and Ribeye)

Crab Cake- A rich and moist texture with a unique taste. Hand patted each time, so they are fresh for each order. (Great Comparisons: Filet Mignon and Prime Rib)

You make the choice on what to add to your plate to complete your perfectly cooked steak!

If that’s not enough, Chris’s Steak & Seafood House also offers an array of seafood dishes that are bound to leave your taste buds fully satisfied. Grilled or blackened, stuffed or sautéed, you will not leave disappointed.

Join us at Chris’s Steak and Seafood House for a dining experience you won’t soon forget!